Logosqr-22.jpgthis episode on the boise annex podcast our hosts end up waist deep in “quantum leap”. they are joined by special science guests matt and kenny mayor who educate them on their favorite elements and materials. aesop’s fable rhymes lead them to once again talk about the macabre nature of nighty-night songs and the absurdity of adages. colin tries out some old and tired jokes that still haven’t come back around. they delve into the delicacy of squirrel squelched by the poultry industry. comedi-anne joins the group for the second half of the show. jef gets bent out of shape that he is not quite smart enough. colin and jef derail the world into the world of mock science based on the rules of improv and somehow martha washington auditions as streetwalker #2 in “spiderman: turn out the dark”. finally, is it wrong to make nazi jokes in front of a german, or just wrong in general?